Natural Mate Monk Fruit Sweetener Packets, 500 Count (2 gramspacket) 2 Pack

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Natural Mate’s granular Monkfruit sweetener is a diabetic friendly product. It is made by the process of co-crystallization. This innovative new technique combines Monkfruit extract and erythritol while they are in a liquid state, then removes the bitter compounds found in natural Monkfruit by the water extraction process, leaving a granulated sweetener with a uniform clean sweet taste with no unpleasant aftertaste. Better Taste: Our proprietary manufacturing process eliminates the bitter components that give natural Monkfruit a better taste. In addition, the perfect blending of Monkfruit extract and erythritol provides the best sugary taste that is good for your coffee, drinks, and other foods with no worries about the bitterness or aftertaste. Better Texture: Don’t worry about messy powders or difficult-to-measure liquids. Our sweetener looks and feels just like sugar with better taste.
  • CONTENT: 500 count of granular stevia sweetener packets, 2 grams/packet
  • SWEETENESS: 1 packet sweetener = 1 tsp or 8 grams of sugar’s sweetness
  • TASTE: Exceptional sugary sweet taste without bitterness & aftertaste, GUARANTEED!
  • BENEFITS: diabetic-friendly sugar substitute with 0 glycemic index, 0 calorie, 0 sugar & gluten-Free
  • PREMIUM MATERIALS: Crystallization of erythritol and organic Monkfruit extract for the best taste. Proud to be an USA product
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