Electric Double Burner 2000W 110V Hot Plate Portable Camping Dorm Stove Cooker

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Electric Double Burner 2000W 110V Hot Plate Portable Camping Dorm Stove Cooker
Large diameter, high efficiency heating plate. Uniform heat transfer, high heat storage, durable and non-deformation. All-round heating, high-quality temperature control components, no dead ends, more power saving.
1.High-quality material: The nickel-chromium stainless steel heating tube, safe and environmentally friendly without radiation.
2. Mosquito tube heat device: It has overheat protection function, and the shape of the mosquito coil tube is evenly dispersed, which is more conducive to cooking food.
3. Cooling holes around: It can effectively reduce the internal working temperature of the electric furnace, reduce aging and prolong the service life.
4. Mostly for shifting, automatic temperature control: rotary switch uses high-quality bake-lite, precise size of anti-vibration, anti-static design, durable and not hot for your hands.
5.Compact and Lightweight: The petite size of this burner makes it an easy tool to take on-the-go wherever an extra cooking surface is needed, from tailgates to vacation homes.
6.Easy to Clean: The burner coil lifts up, providing easy access to the stainless steel drip pan. The drip pan wipes clean with a damp cloth or non-abrasive sponge.
1. When using the electric furnace for the first time, it should be adjusted to the highest level for 3-5 minutes to evaporate the protective film of the furnace surface. At this time, there may be
a small amount of smoke is emitted, which is normal.
2. The utensils placed on the electric furnace must have a smooth bottom and a diameter that matches the size of the hot plate.
3. If the size of the cooking vessel chassis is smaller than the size of the electric heating plate, it will affect the normal heating area of the heating plate.
4. If the bottom of the vessel is not flat, it can not be used with the concave and convex situation.
5. When using, do not place other sundries within 30 cm around the electric furnace to prevent blockage and ventilation.
Note: The indicator light on the front of the enclosure will be extinguished when the furnace reaches the temperature you have adjusted. When it is lower than the temperature you adjust, the light will be on, cycled, and automatically insulated.
Heating Pipe Material: Nickel-chromium stainless steel
Color: Black
Voltage: 110V
Power: 2000 W
Number of Burners: 2
Product Dimensions: 16.9″x8.3″x3.0″ (L x W x H)
Plug wire length: 21.65″/55cm
Plug: US Plug
Package include:
1x Electric Burner
4x Foot pads
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