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2021 New Electric Portable Clothes Dryer, Front Load Laundry Dryer with Touch Screen Pane and Stainless Steel Tub for Apartments, Dormitry and RVs

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In the era of comprehensive touch control of electrical and electronic products, you need to add a brand new smart touch laundry dryer to your home. This dryer has a sensitive touch control screen, which can realize multi-functional custom control with your fingertip, saying goodbye to traditional knob control and old-fashioned appearance. This brand new clothes dryer can be stacked, wall-mounted, or placed separately. Not only quiet and powerful, but it also can be well integrated into your existing home appliance structure without taking up too much space. 3 function modes and 3 heating levels can be selected at will, just touch.



Product Dimensions: 21.5”(L) x 23.6”(W) x 27.5”(H)

G.W. / N.W: 72.8 / 55.1 lbs

Capacity: 14 lbs

Power Source: 120 V~ 60 Hz

Rated Input: 1500 W

Lint Filter Location: Front

Door Style: Irreversible

Number of Drying Temperatures: 3

Stackable: Yes

  • Fully upgrade your home appliances in the touch screen era. This clothes dryer is different from the knob control of traditional dryers. It is equipped with a suitable size touch screen, which gives you sensitive and timely feedback every time you touch, to control 3 function modes and 3 heating levels (air dry/medium/high). As a standard configuration of smart devices, this dryer is equipped with adaptive technology that can adjust the drying time according to the capacity you load, thereby it helps improving fabric care. The total drying time can be set within 0-200mins, which is suitable both for bulky or delicate clothes.
  • The powerful drying ability can make the inner tub reach a maximum of 150℉ to achieve accelerated drying. Meanwhile, the precise sensor will detect the moisture content instantly and turn off the machine automatically when the clothes are dry. So that it can reduce energy consumption and provide comprehensive protection for clothing fabrics. As part of the safety measures, if you want to add more clothes, the machine will automatically stop when the front door is opened. For the same reason, when you find that the dryer is not working, you should first check the door and make sure that it is closed tightly.
  • As part of your delicate appliances, this laundry dryer is quiet and reliable. You can use it to dry your clothes at any time. Through the smart touch screen, you can enjoy precise timer options and choose more custom drying amounts according to your needs. The simple and compact appearance can perfectly blend into your furnishing background.
  • No need to worry about the newly added dryers being nowhere to be placed and taking up too much space. This compact and powerful electric dryer has a straight shape, can be neatly stacked on the washing machine, can also be installed on the wall or placed separately. This provides more placement options and saves space in small laundry rooms, apartments, dormitories, and other places.
  • This portable clothes dryer is equipped with a stainless steel inner tube with a built-in filter net to collect lint, pet hair, and more making it easy to clean. Wall Mounting Kit included for the clothes dryer to help preserve floor space in your home. Dimensions:23.6” x 20” x 27”.
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